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I lost 14,308 subscribers

My new sponsor strategy for 2024

My 5 biggest regrets as a creator

Creator Diary: 14 December 2023

Why I’m not scared of AI

Creator Diary: 7 December 2023

Creator Diary: 6 December 2023

Creator Diary: 4 December 2023

Making the most of a trip to London

Creator Diary: 30 November 2023

Creator Diary 29 November 2023

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Creator Diary: 27 November 2023

My YouTube epiphany!

Creator Diary: 23 November 2023

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How to deal with criticism on YouTube

Creator Diary: 16 November 2023

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Creator Diary: 14 November 2023

Creator Diary: 13 November 2023

Saying “NO” to big brands

Creator Diary : 9 Nov 2023

Creator Diary: 8 Nov 2023

Burned out.

Why building a community is the hardest - and most rewarding - part of this job

I got hit by Google’s Helpful Content Update!

The rollercoaster YouTuber life: a tale of two days

Huge news from Mark Ellis Media HQ

Finding my right-hand man

My foolproof vlogging process

The worst PR agency experience of my life

All expenses paid: the truth about overseas brand collabs

They lost my suitcase

Stop waving phones around!

Two massive lessons from Ali Abdaal

Revealing my new approach to Medium (with a heavy heart)

What do you want for me?

Why I'm concerned about the future of Medium

Invite your friends to read Solo Club!

The truth about product embargoes

Applying my content consistency to learning the drums

Why outsourcing PR ultimately failed for me

I had the best break ever yesterday

The next Academy: if I can do it, so can you

The brand-creator relationship is broken

What tech press events are REALLY like

Take the money and publish? The dedicated sponsor conundrum

The not-so-secret trick to achieving great Google rankings

I’ve given up on tweet threads

Doing it for the love (and the money)

Reacting to BIG news as a creator

The importance of collaborations (and creator friends)

Gling transformed my business yesterday

400 subs in one day: the power of the final CTA

I'm going live today!

Join me on Notes

The feeling of hitting 100K

Approaching 100K and reflecting on the milestones

I lost an entire podcast episode

Back in side hustle territory!

Shameless plug for the Medium Academy!

My first 1 million view video!

How much money my YouTube channel has made in 2023 (so far)

I screwed up my Medium strategy

You never know who’s watching (or reading) your content

Russian sponsor roulette

Getting over my gear snobbery

Launching your first cohort-based course is hard

A big decision I’ve made about blog posting

The best day EVER for my website

How much it cost to run Mark Ellis Reviews in 2022

Time blocking has been... a revelation

I admit: I'm a bit scared of AI

Ali Abdaal's $2million 'disaster'